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Such a pretty song! Yozoh's voice is especially pretty here <3

Artist: Yozoh & Eric / 요조, 에릭
Album: Brown Classic 1st (Nostalgia)

01. Nostalgia

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05 November 2009 @ 04:00


This is the obligatory welcome post I felt obligated to write up since I'm starting on this new web venture. First of all, you should definitely check out the profile, not so much for the about stuff, cause that's boring, but for the translation notes I've written up. They're rather important I suppose.

Anyways, if you've noticed, at this point in time, I have a grand total of two albums translated, which equates to a total of 21 songs. Yeah I know, it's kind of pathetic. And I can even guarantee that it won't increase at an awesome rate. Sad fact is that I'm suffering in a place called school, and will continue to until I graduate in a few (but it doesn't feel like) months. So new translations will be more or less irregular, though I'm thinking of doing a song a day. Perhaps an album per fortnight? (A little grace? Lol.)

Which brings me to the other point of this post. I'm pretty new to this and I would like your suggestions. Right now I'm posting whole albums at a time, should I switch to doing it by songs instead? (Btw, I post in full albums for two reasons. 1) It looks prettier imo, though I must admit it gets long, but that's where your command or control F comes in. 2) It's more organised and you can find translations easily, imo again.) So what do you think?

Also, do you have any preferences as to whose songs I should translate next? You can check out my scary CD collection and let me know what you'd like me to translate first. Right now, I'm still working to complete Yozoh's discography. So let me know, yeah?

And if you have any other suggestions or comments at all, please feel free to leave me a note below. If you think my translations suck and want to teach me Korean, by all means let me know.

And last of all, if you want a link up, as I mentioned in the profile, I don't really dig the whole affiliating thing, but I do dig the linking of awesome sites. So if you've got one / know of one and it's related to what I do here, I'd be happy to check it out. So comment away!

Sorry I rambled so much. I'm a rambler I'm afraid.
Thanks for dropping by (:



Artist: Yozoh with Sogyumo Acacia Band / 요조, 소규모 아카시아 밴드
Album: My Name Is Yozoh

01. My Name Is Yozoh
02. Shooting Star / 슈팅스타
03. Love
04. Nap / 낮잠
05. Banana Party / 바나나파티
06. Love Roller Coaster / 사랑의 롤러코스터
07. Hide-and-Seek / 숨바꼭질
08. Grungy Car / 그런지 카
09. Flowers / 꽃
10. My Name Is Yozoh (Radio Edit)

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05 November 2009 @ 00:00

Artist: Belle Epoque / 벨 에포크
Album: Sundays / 일요일들

01. Viewfinder World / 뷰파인더 세상
02. May's Aftermath / 5월의 후유증
03. Cream Shower / 크림샤워
04. Whispers of Stars / 별의 속삭임
05. Vacation
06. Forbidden / 금단 (禁斷)
07. Cafe Siesta
08. Still / 아직은
09. You're Like Me / 나와 같은 너
10. December (Album Ver.)
11. Hiding Moon / 달에 숨다
12. April Morning / 4월 아침
13. The Season's End / 계절의 끝

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04 November 2009 @ 23:58

This list is more for myself than anything. For fun! And because I love lists, and making them.
But if you're wondering whose / what albums I'll be translating, here's what you can expect.
Omg, never knew I had that many CDs! Italics are for albums I want but have yet to get ):
I started out with Kpop, but now my interest in that has fizzled. Indie is so much more <3

Korean Albums (Indie)
Adult Child - BTL BTL
Adult Child - Dandelion
Alice in Neverland - Alice in Neverland (Monologue Project)
Alice in Neverland - Festa in Neverland
Belle Epoque - Sundays
Donawhale - Donawhale
Donawhale - Dive To Blue
Fanny Fink - Mr. Romance
Freaky - Melody Maker
Freaky - Pearl
Haeo - LightGoldenRodYellow
Haihm - Haihm
Han Hee Jeong - Your Document
Han Hee Jeong - String
HourmeltS - Twenties = Love
HourmeltS - Meaningful Days
Jang Kiha and the Faces - Living Plainly
Love & Pop - Love & Pop
Misty Blue - Your Star Name Is Sirius B
Misty Blue - Flowers Sleeping Under The 4ºC Glass Lake
Misty Blue - 1/4 Sentimental Con.Troller (Spring Language)
Misty Blue - 2/4 Sentimental StoryTell(h)er (Summer, Lucky Directions)
Plastic People - Plastic People
Plastic People - Songbags of the Plastic People
Plastic People - Travelling in the Blue
Plastic People - Folk, Ya!
Plastic People - Snap
Playgirl - 24 Hours of Playgirl
Sogyumo Acacia Band - 1st Album
Sogyumo Acacia Band - Moonlight Lips
Sogyumo Acacia Band - We are Sogyumo Acacia Band
Sogyumo Acacia Band - Seven Days
Sorri - Cherry
The Black Skirts - 201
Trampauline - Trampauline
W&Whale - Hardboiled
W&Whale - Random Tasks
Yozoh with Sogyumo Acacia Band - My Name Is Yozoh
Yozoh & Eric - Nostalgia
Yozoh - Traveler
Zitten - Zitten

Various Artists - Cracker: Compilation For A Bittersweet Love Story
Various Artists - Siamese Flowers

Korean Albums
2NE1 - 1st Mini Album
Byul - December 32nd
Byul - 2nd Album
Byul - Lachrymal Glands
Byul - Her Story
Byul - Special Single Album
Byul - Like A Star / Primary
Cho Minhye - Teenage Superstar
Daylight - First Album
dub - Born To Be Famous
i-13 - One More Time
izi - Modern life... and... with izi...
Kan Miyeon - Refreshing
Kara - The First Blooming
Kara - 1st Mini Album
Kara - Pretty Girl
Kara - Pretty Girl (Special Edition)
Kara - Revolution (Regular Edition)
Kara - Revolution (Limited Edition)
Maybee - A Letter From Abell 1689
Maybee - Luv Cloud
Maybee - Eyes On Me
Min Hyorin - RinZ
Minsul - When Our Seasons Pass
Picnic Day - A Trip with Flowering Trees
SS501 - 1st Single
SS501 - 2nd Single
SS501 - S.T. 01 Now
SS501 - Deja Vu
SS501 - Find
SS501 - U R Man
SS501 - Collection
SS501 - Rebirth
Yoonsang - Song Book

Goodbye Solo OST
Nonstop 4 OST
Nonstop 5 OST

English Albums
Au Revoir Simone - Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation
Au Revoir Simone - The Bird Of Music
Au Revoir Simone - Still Night, Still Light
Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift - Fearless
The Postmarks - The Postmarks
The Postmarks - By-The-Numbers
The Postmarks - Memoirs at the End of the World

Japanese Albums
Paran Maum - We are Paran Maum
W - Duo U&U
W - 2nd W